COVID-19 Update

Test Policy

From 1 June 2020, everyone throughout the Netherlands must stay at home with complaints that are appropriate to Corona. Anyone with complaints can get tested. See the instructions from Call for an appointment at 0800-1202 (only for people from 12 years).

For more information check the RIVM-website.

Changed advice in case of negative test result

RIVM has adjusted the policy for people who have been tested and who have a negative test result, so are not infected. In case of a negative test result, the person with complaints no longer has to stay at home and can again do what he / she would normally do (for example, work or school). Also, everyone in that person's household is allowed to do what they normally would.

If new complaints develop or the existing complaints worsen after the material for the test was collected, the person must stay at home and have himself tested again. This can be done via the national appointment number (0800-1202). If someone feels seriously ill, he must immediately contact the GP or GP post by telephone.

This has been incorporated in RIVM's COVID-19 guideline.

RIVM adjusts advice for children with nose colds 0-4

RIVM has amended the advice for children with a nose cold. Children aged 0 to 4 years with a cold fever without fever are allowed to go to the nursery, unless they are in contact with a patient with a confirmed COVID-19 infection or have an adult family member with complaints appropriate to COVID. The same applies to children from 4 to 6 years old who are in group 1 or 2 of primary school. They can also go to school without a fever with a cold.

You can read more about this at RIVM.

Make appointments with a GP

We will gradually expand our activities in practice again. Where possible, we will handle questions by telephone or through e-mail consultations or video consultations. We will resume controls on patients with Diabetes, COPD and / or Heart and Vascular Diseases.

We must continue to take into account a minimum distance of 1.5 meters. Do you want to arrive at the agreed time, not too late and not too early. Preferably come alone and only come if your condition allows.

In the waiting room, consider each other and the distance between them.

If you do develop respiratory complaints and / or fever and / or abdominal complaints, would you first call to see if you are allowed to come to the practice?