COVID-19 Update

Although we are gradually returning to our normal level and method of care, we would still request you to first contact us by telephone or e-consultation before making an appointment. The doctor and/or assistant will then assess whether you should be seen at the practice or that we can advise you through telephone or video call.

According to the government guidelines we monitor and manage the 1.5-meter distance and the maximum number of patients who are present in the practice at the same time. We would therefore ask you to keep the amount of accompanying people and personal belongings (i.e. jackets/bags) you take to an appointment to a minimum.

We have placed stickers on the floor of the practice to aid the adherence to the 1.5m distance, please be aware of them and respect the space of others. There is also a protectice screen placed in front of the assistants desk.
We also have a new disinfection station in the hallway outside the practice. We would ask you to wash/disinfect your hands before and after leaving the practice.

With these regulations together we create a safe environment for all our patients as well as our staff.

There is now the possibility for patients with flu like symptoms or fever and coughing to recieve a free test via the GGD at location the Rai. You can organise this or ask for extra information through calling 0800-1202 between 08:00 and 20:00.
We can also carry out tests in specific situations,  we would ask you not to come to the clinic but call before hand.

We are now connected to the LSP network. In order to document your permission we would ask you to visit the website We are visible in the search engine as Maatschap Adam Doctors. Our assistants are avaliable to assist you further.